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Get your gearbox ready for the coming years

RENK Service with four benefits for you:

  1. Avoidance of unplanned downtimes of the gearbox by acting preventively
  2. Fixed price on conducted services and exchanged parts with extended warranty
  3. RENK parts with highest quality and durability; Inspection by RENK Field Service Engineer
  4. Optionally: Upgrade your gearbox components to the latest technical standards and utilize condition monitoring for maximum availability

Recommended spare parts

Spare part
Expected delivery time 
(Lead time¹)

Planetary Gears

Bevel Gear Stage²


6 to 12 months


  • Mechanic²
  • Hydraulic
  • Electric
3 to 6 months

¹ Lead times estimates only, actual lead times may vary depending on availability

² Should be taken in stock


Health Check Key Facts

Health Check is <strong>carried </strong></span><span><strong>out by local specialists</strong>with years of experience

Health Check is carried out by local specialistswith years of experience

<strong>Extensive two day check</strong> during operation and standstill of the gearbox

Extensive two day check during operation and standstill of the gearbox

<strong>Direct feedback</strong> on your gearbox and <strong> prompt advice on spare parts</strong>

Direct feedback on your gearbox and prompt advice on spare parts


Our Health Check Promise

Day 1 – Gearbox running

  • Joint review of maintenance history and operating data
  • Visual check of gearbox and oil station
  • Check of tightness, pressures and temperatures
  • Check of grinding pressure at mill & rollers
  • Control of cooling water inlet & outlet temperature
  • Vibration and noise analysis

Day 2 – Gearbox standstill

  • Draining the oil from the thrust bearings and subsequent wear test 
  • Toothing and bearing inspection via manhole using an endoscope
  • Check of thrust bearing pads and sliding surface of thrust plate
  • Analysis of filters and gearbox interior for particles
  • Taking an oil sample with following analysis
  • Inspection of rubber couplings and gap of Elco couplings
  • Check of foundation bolts & grinding table bolts

Health Check Special Offer

Special offer of only <strong>4.750 €</strong>

Special offer of only 4.750 €

Health Check is <strong>credited for subsequent spare part orders</strong> of <strong>50,000 €</strong> or more

Health Check is credited for subsequent spare part orders of 50,000 € or more

<strong>Direct contact</strong> to RENK service specialists for future projects

Direct contact to RENK service specialists for future projects


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