<h1>Managing directors of the RENK Group.</h1>
Corporate governance

Managing directors of the RENK Group.

For RENK, corporate governance means responsible, fair and reliable action for all corporate divisions, the Supervisory Board, the Executive Board through to all stakeholders. It also includes transparent documentation and communication as well as a trust-based cooperation that builds on our corporate values. The Executive Board sets a good example in this respect.

Leadership of RENK

The Managing Directors of the RENK Group.

Susanne Wiegand 

Master of Business Administration

Niklas Beyes

Diplom-Kaufmann (Univ.)

Board of Supervisors

Members of the Supervisory Board

Investment Advisory Professional, Co-Head DACH

Claus von Hermann (Chairman)

Member of the Investment Advisory Committee at Triton Partners, Frankfurt am Main, Germany 
(employed by Triton Beratungsgesellschaft GmbH)

Angela Steinecker* (Deputy Chairwoman)

Second Authorised Representative and Managing Director of IG Metall Augsburg

Non-Executive Director

Swantje Conrad

Member of the Audit and Nomination Committees of BMO Private Equity Trust PLC

Sascha Dudzik*

Second Authorised Representative and Treasurer of IG Metall Hannover

Cécile Dutheil

Head of Human Capital Portfolio at Triton Partners, Frankfurt am Main, Germany 
(employed by West Park Management Services Germany GmbH)

Lothar Evers*

Works Council Chairman RENK GmbH, Rheine Plant

Deputy Chairman of the General Works Council of the RENK GmbH

Johannes Meier

Investment Advisory Professional at Triton Partners, Frankfurt am Main
(employed by Triton Beratungsgesellschaft GmbH)

Adela Lieb*

Director of Commercial Management, Finance & Controlling of RENK Test System GmbH

Joint Works Council Chairman of the RENK GmbH

Klaus Refle*

Works Council Chairman of the RENK GmbH, Augsburg

Works Council Chairman of the RENK Test System GmbH

Mario Sommer*

Process Planner for Cubic Parts Production in Vehicle Transmissions division, RENK GmbH

Independent Member of the Supervisory Board

Klaus Stahlmann

Independent Director at Trillium Flow Technologies Holdco Ltd, United Kingdom

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Kelvion Holding GmbH, Bochum

Dr. Cletus von Pichler

Senior Industrial Expert of Triton Partners, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

* Employee representative
RENK Group

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