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RENK - MAAG turbo gear systems: From solution to service excellence.

Customers continue to benefit from the merger of RENK and  MAAG Gears in Winterthur. From innovation to servicing turbo gear units for new but also MAAG Gear systems in operation.

RENK - MAAG turbo gear systems: From solution to service excellence.

The story of RENK-MAAG is one of innovation, precision engineering, and a commitment to quality that spans over a century. Originating from the esteemed Swiss gear specialist, MAAG Gears, and transitioning into RENK-MAAG after its acquisition by RENK, this Swiss-based company has become a beacon of excellence in the field of high-speed gear systems.

The Merger and Its Impacts

The acquisition of MAAG Gears by RENK marked a significant milestone in the industry. This merger brought together MAAG's historic expertise in high-quality gear design and manufacturing with RENK's cutting-edge technology and extensive resources. The result is RENK-MAAG, a company that not only continues to produce innovative high-speed gear systems but also maintains and services both new and existing products from the MAAG era.

Product highlights and innovations of RENK - MAAG

RENK-MAAG's product portfolio is as diverse as it is advanced. A few noteworthy products include:

  • Helical Gearboxes (G-Type): These gearboxes are capable of handling power up to 180 MW, with pinions rotating at speeds up to 63,000 rpm. They are essential in energy production systems and serve as critical components in various industrial applications, including air separation and gas compression​​.
  • Vacuum Gearbox Systems (HET Gear®): A pioneering innovation, these gear units are designed for up to 120/180 MW power transmission. The unique aspect of HET Gear® is its vacuum environment, which significantly reduces power loss, improves the carbon footprint, and enhances component durability​​.
  • Clutch Gearboxes: These gearboxes integrate MS freewheeling clutches and are capable of transmitting power up to 100 MW. They play a vital role in energy recovery systems, finding applications in various sectors like the chemical and petrochemical industries​​.

RENK - MAAG offers full support: Whether new or installed MAAG turbo gears.

RENK - MAAG’s commitment to its customers extends beyond the sale of new gear systems. The company also offers comprehensive service and support for its products, including those manufactured during the MAAG Gears era. This support encompasses engineering services, maintenance, modernization, and spare parts management, ensuring that their gear systems continue to operate efficiently and reliably.

A success story continues....

The legacy of MAAG Gears lives on in RENK - MAAG, which continues to set industry standards with its high-speed gear systems. Through a combination of innovative products and dedicated service, RENK-MAAG stands as a testament to the enduring quality and performance of Swiss engineering.

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