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Why armed forces push hybrid drivetrains.

As in the automotive industry, hybrid mobility solutions offer a number of advantages, including greater fuel efficiency, an extended range, a reduction in fuel costs, and a lowering of emissions. From a military perspective, the benefits can be much more vital. 

Why armed forces push hybrid drivetrains.

A growing number of armed forces around the world are advocating for the adoption of hybrid solutions and the electrification of military vehicles. The rationale behind this is clear: vehicles with electric drives offer enhanced protection, greater mission capabilities, and the ability to handle increased power demands. Additionally, hybrid power packs have a higher fuel efficiency, which extends the operational range and reduces costs associated with petroleum. Furthermore, they are more environmentally friendly with lower emissions than conventional vehicles.

The benefits of a military vehicle with a hybrid drivetrain solution provide a tactical advantage in the field. 

  1. Power generation in the field
  2. Silent watch
  3. Escape boost
  4. Sprint boost
  5. Silent maneuvering
  6. Higher operation range / Fuel efficiency
01 Power Generation in the field

Modern vehicles power internal and external high-end auxiliary systems

Whether for operating additional sensors, UGV/UAVs, active protection systems or enhanced C4ISR systems, the demand for more electrical power is increasing. An efficient power generation system such as our Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) is key to enabling these advanced tactical and operational capabilities.

By using such systems, power can also be "off-boarded" from the vehicle to help power other systems such as HQs, field hospitals or engineering facilities. In this way the use of additional field generators can be reduced, which simplifies logistics and cost.

02 Extended Silent Watch

Surveillance missions with minimal heat and noise signature

In order to survive at the forward edge of the battle area, a vehicle's thermal and noise signature must be kept as low as possible. When the main engine is used to power the various combat and surveillance systems, the heat and noise footprint is significant and thus counterproductive to the objective of maintaining a low profile.

A state-of-the-art hybrid drivetrain generates power efficiently and includes battery storage, allowing electrical systems to run for extended periods without using the main engine. This allows vehicles to remain in silent watch missions for longer, with a much reduced thermal and noise signature. 

03 Escape boost

Instant response time with escape boost

The mission and survivability of a vessel often depend on the ability to move and leave critical areas in a timely and efficient manner. This is particularly important during silent watch operations, when the need for rapid movement without delay is paramount.

A solution to this challenge is a hybrid power pack with a combined electric motor generator that enables instant drive under electrical power. This allows for the vessel to move swiftly and effectively, without the need for the main diesel engine to be started. 

04 Sprint Boost 

Sprint boost for high-speed maneuvers 

A fundamental principle of military strategy is to vacate open terrain as quickly as possible in favor of a more defensible position, especially under enemy fire. 

The boost mode facilitates a cross-connection between the main engine and the electric drive, thereby providing increased power to the drivetrain. The objective is to achieve enhanced acceleration and top speed. In particular, electric drives offer an additional advantage in this context, as they can be overpowered for a period of time, thereby providing an additional acceleration. 

A sprint boost ability significantly enhances the protection and survivability of the crew, tank, and mission.

05 Silent maneuvering

Lower heat and emissions profile in sensitive situations

The use of electric drive technology allows vehicles to be maneuvered or positioned with reduced noise and heat emissions, thereby reducing their detectability. This low-profile movement is particularly suited to covert operations, where reduced detection is crucial to mission success. 

Furthermore, the silent maneuvering capability extends to engine-off operations in environmentally or tactically sensitive situations, such as inside buildings, workshops or for logistic transportation. Operating without the main engine not only preserves mechanical integrity and prolongs engine life, but also minimizes environmental impact. 

06 Fuel Efficiency

Optimized fuel efficiency to improve operating range, costs and emissions

Operational modes as silent watch and silent maneuvering result in a notable reduction in fuel demand for a tank. Another significant advantage of modern hybrid solutions is the reuse of brake energy through recuperation.

Furthermore, the combustion engine can be designed to accommodate standard operation, as the electric drive provides peak performance. 

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Hybrid Lösungen

Hybrid Lösungen

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