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Test rig for pitch drives

  1. 01Testing of single components or up to 3 pitch drives in interaction
  2. 02HIL- and SIL-Testing with open external model integration
  3. 03Grid disturbance tests with dynamic turbine 
    grid simulation
Test rig for pitch drives

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In modern wind turbines, the pitch control has a considerable influence on the amount of power generated and the service life of the wind turbine. It is not just the individual pitch component, but the interaction of the three independently acting rotor blade controls in a common pitch system (Individual Pitch Control).

Primary tasks of the test bench are the further development of existing pitch control systems as well as the verification of existing and future hardware components.

01 Testing of single components or up to 3 pitch drives in interaction

Component or complete system

This test system consists of three test stations that can be used separately or in combination. The test stations can be used to test individual components of a pitch system (pitch motor, pitch angle and end-position sensors, power supply and pitch control). Electrically linked together, however, these three test stations can also be used to test a complete pitch system of a wind turbine.

02 HIL- and SIL-Testing with open external model integration

Hard- and software in the loop

The test rig load on the motors and sensors is a true-to-life dynamic response to the torque input of the pitch motors. Real-time communication of the RENK RDDS test stand control with the individual pitch control enables an extremely realistic dynamic test environment. All standard software interfaces are available for external model integration, such as MATLAB Simulink..

03 Grid disturbance tests

Grid disturbances tests with dynamic turbine grid simulation

Grid disturbances in the public grid also affect the internal low-voltage electrical system of the turbine.

In order to simulate these fluctuations in the on-board network and to investigate the influence on the blade pitch system, the test stand can be optionally equipped with a variable network tuning option.


  • Validation of current and future pitch system components and further development of the overall pitch system control system
  • Testing of single components or up to 3 pitch drives in interaction
  • Compatible for AC- and DC-Motors
  • Simulation of turbine grid disturbances
  • RENK RDDS test bench automation and data acquisition
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