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Slide Bearing Solutions

Your slide bearing with outstanding efficiency and reliability.

Engineered and manufactured for the highest quality and unsurpassed performance, with zero wear for superior durability and reliability. From standardized to custom engineered slide bearings, we offer solutions to maximize your operational efficiency and uptime.

Your slide bearing with outstanding efficiency and reliability.

Our horizontal e-bearing series for your unique application. 

Find a wide selection of our e-bearings with various housing shapes, lubrication and cooling variants as well as sealing systems. The variable, modular system adapts with high precision to almost any specification. Experience superior performance and efficiency in your electric machine, turbine, pump, turbo compressor, fan or test stand. 

  • Suitable for very high speeds
  • Modular design provides highest flexibility
  • Easy to mount
  • Resistant to dust penetration and vibrations
  • Wear-free with the lowest maintenance demands

Our e-bearings can be supplemented with a wide variety of accessories and be used universally throughout the mechanical engineering sector. 

Horizontal support slide bearings withstanding strong radial forces.

Maximizing your plant’s availability was our benchmark when developing the innovative RENK support bearings. Depending on the type, the bearing housings are available as pedestal, center flange (type SM) or saddle bearings. Operate them either with self-lubrication or with external lubricant supply. Some examples of our product lines:

  • Our SN, D- and L-Series bearings are the choice for conventional marine drives with shaft line and hydro turbines and generators
  • The SC line is designed as pedestal bearings and can support moderate axial forces in addition to high radial forces.
  • Our SM series are specially designed for use as engine bearings in marine applications or as generator bearings in hydro applications.

Our vertical thrust-and-guide bearings for all speed ranges.

The RENK VT/VG vertical slide bearings are your choice for slow-to medium-speed vertical machinery such as pumps, blowers, turbines or electric machines. VT bearings are supplied as combined thrust-and-guide bearings with radial and axial part; VG bearings as pure radial guide bearings. 

Our EVE/EVF series are specialized for fast running machines of vertical design, such as pumps, blowers, turbines or electric machines. The easy-to-fit bearing inserts have individually adjustable radial tilting pads. 

Spare Part management

Our eShop for standard slide bearings

Spare parts ordering in the RENK shop

The quickest way to your spare parts for slide bearings.

In our eShop you find original parts for our slide bearings and couplings that give you the certainty that your systems will always operate reliably and stay up-to-date with the latest technology.


Challenge our experts with your plain bearing demands.

Bearing Solutions Team

Do not hesitate to contact our specialist in case you have any slide bearing questions. From new projects, to maintenance and modernization. 

Bearing Solutions Team
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+49 511 8601 0
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Bearing Solutions Team

Phone number
+49 511 8601 0