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Integrating an intelligence remote monitor diagnostic system for your ship network system.

Integrating an intelligence remote monitor diagnostic system for your ship network system.

With the integration of the more and more electronics device on the ship, the digitalization enables also the ship with enormous convenience for the service, but most time, when these data are only for a single devices, these data are not integrated, the analysis of the ship generation, distribution and propulsion system is difficult to carry out.

After the installation of our E-Remote Diagnostics System (E-RD ®), which enables easy and comprehensive access to all operating parameters of the generation, propulsion and power supply system in real time and remotely.

E-RD has a modular structure and enables the uncomplicated and flexible connection of further on-board systems without great effort. Each additional system that is connected to the E-RD opens up new possibilities for analyzing and correlating operating data and thus for continuously, improving ships with the aim of ecologically and economically optimal ship operation at all times.

Our service supports the crew at any time with technical problems or questions about the operation of the ship and is always informed about the technical condition of the ships and all operating parameters. Automatically generated reports and performance evaluations allow ships to be compared in operational, technical and economic terms.

A wide range of forms are available for presenting the data, from regular reports on various aspects sent by email to the relevant staff, to a large map of Europe showing all vessels with real-time position and status, tracked and compared can become.

Operational improvements, starting with the way the crew works, through to technical improvements of individual systems on board, can be developed from the data obtained and then implemented on individual ships. The E-RD then enables a direct comparison of ships to be made very quickly, allowing conclusions to be drawn as to whether the changes are having the desired effect.

A detailed analysis can be carried out immediately after a claim becomes known. A quick response through telephone support is guaranteed thanks to the real time troubleshooting with detail data and curves for the whole system. Many on-site root cause analysis from different companies are avoided, which saves a lot of time and money.

In preparation for regular maintenance and repair work on ships, E-RD analyzes of components and system parts can provide information about the condition.

This makes it possible to carry out the targeted coordination of operations with the corresponding spare parts from different companies in advance.

Furthermore, on-site assignments with spare parts can be organized quickly.

The E-RD supports the person on site on a ship, because the E-RD can check if any error is still there easily.

During new ship construction and in particular during commissioning, the E-RD is able to record and display the performance of the propulsion system. A detailed target and actual analysis of the performance parameters of the system components can be carried out.

For the warranty period, these analyzes are important basic information for shipyards when dealing with the manufacturers of the components.

Key benefit to use the E-RD service 

  1. Detail data based root cause analysis
  2. Reduce unnecessary onsite travel
  3. Preventive maintenance
  4. Fast organize of spare parts
  5. Future system optimization
Customized Solution

Our service offering

E-RD is an ideal solution for the shipyard to know the system behavior.

It is an ideal solution for the ship owner to see and improve the system performance, to do the avoid system error in advance.

It is an ideal for the component manufactures to know the limitation of the components during the integration in the ship.


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Marine Solutions Team

Phone number
+49 821 5700 627