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Clutch gearboxes

Clutch gearboxes

The high-speed gearboxes with an integrated MS freewheeling clutch are designed and constructed according to the latest findings and methods of clutch and gear unit technology. High-speed gearboxes from RENK-MAAG GmbH can transmit a power of up to 100 MW and serve as the key component in energy recovery systems, such as those found in the area of air separation, the chemical and petrochemical industries, the refining of raw materials (SHRT / sintering heat recovery turbine), and steelworks (BPRT / blast furnace power recovery turbine).

The pinions of the spur gearboxes with horizontally divided housings rotate at up to 10,000 rpm. The gearbox housing and the customer’s connecting dimensions can either conform to RENK’s standards or be adapted completely to the requirements of the customer. This is of crucial importance when it comes to replacing third-party products in particular.

Technical Data

Coupling:Integrated MS clutch
Power transfer:0.25–180 MW
Center distance:150 mm to over 2,000 mm
Speed:Up to 10,000 rpm
Pitch line velocity:Up to over 180 m/s
Transmission ratios:1–8
Housing design:Welded
Drive variants:Synchron engine, asynchronous engine, gas turbine, steam turbine, expander turbine

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High-Speed Gearboxes Team

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