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Military vehicles

Superior mobility solutions for military vehicles

Superior mobility solutions for military vehicles

Broadest portfolio and expertise for the drivetrain and suspensions of wheeled and tracked vehicles. 

The mobility of military tracked and wheeled vehicles is one of the major vital criteria to compete and even survive. With decades of projects and know-how at RENK and Horstman we not only have an unmatched level of experience but also the broadest product and technology portfolio for mobility solutions:

  1. Transmissions
  2. Engine 
  3. Suspension & Track Tension
  4. Electrification
  5. Components for hybrid drivetrain
  6. Final Drive

Of course, we not only supply the components for the drivetrain, but also offer the entire range of services along the lifespan of your vehicle. From the initial concept phase, to training, service and modernization. That's the least we can do as a reliable partner. And also an explanation why more than seventy armies work with us.

01 Transmissions

Broadest experience in transmissions.

High performance and reliability are a vital requirement for transmissions as they are the decisive element between engine and track – determining the abilities and efficiency of the vehicle by managing all the drive, steer and brake maneuvers.

RENK does not only have the broadest portfolio and experience for heavy weight vehicle mobility but is also a market leader regarding technologies as hybrid drivetrains, x-by-wire and drivetrain networking. Technologies for which the capabilities of the transmission is crucial, if not even essential. 

02 Engine

Our air-cooled AVDS series with million hours proven reliability.  

The AVDS-1790 diesel engines are turbocharged, air cooled 12-cylinder, 90 degree  Vee configurations. With five different variants, the power ratings range from 750 - 1500 hp. Air cooling for engine cylinders, as well as engine oil, transmission oil, and charge air coolers, are provided by direct drivefans mounted in the center of the Vee.

03 Suspensions

The right suspension to master your critical missions.

We offer various products and technologies to our customers as a standard or customize it to the demands of the vehicle. What technology is suitable for the vehicle depends on various factors as design space, forces and other criteria. Our portfolio embraces:

  • Linear dampers and shock absorbers
  • Rotary dampers
  • Hydro-pneumatic systems
04 Electricification 

Managing the onboard power demands of today and tomorrow.  

For providing sufficient power and also charge battery stacks, generators and electronics - designed and tested for military purpose - are needed. That is exactly what our product lines from Magnet Motor are targeted for. 

With our electrification components various technology scenarios can be implemented in modern vehicles. Whether it is the ability to power external devices in a camp or supporting a hybrid drive train with energy. 

05 Hybrid Drivetrain

The "new superiority" is hybrid.

Hybrid military vehicles offer a number of benefits over traditional diesel-powered vehicles. The most significant benefits include reduced fuel consumption and emissions, improved performance, and some vital features as silent watch and boost capabilities. With the electric drives and electronics from Magnet Motor we do not only have the military graded components for a hybrid system, but we can engineer, build and deliver a complete drivetrain, matched to your vehicle and mission demands.  

06 Final Drives

Final drive - even with two stage design.

Final drives are an important element in the drive train as a whole. Installed on the left and right sides, they transmit all drive, brake, and steering functions from the transmission to the track. RENK offers a range of sophisticated final drives, which ensure an optimal level of vehicle safety, durability, and high outputs.

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