<h1>Technology leader and trusted partner for 150 years.</h1>
Company overview

Technology leader and trusted partner for 150 years.

The RENK Group is a global leader for high-efficiency propulsion and drivetrain technology. We provide systems to ensure the reliable deployment of strong forces to set vehicles, vessels, and machinery in motion. Customers and users across world-wide defense, energy and industry sectors trust RENK’s engineered solutions for their performance and endurance in maximum-duty and minimum-tolerance missions.

RENK’s offering integrates design, engineering, production, testing and lifelong services of flexible, customized drive systems that translate power from any source of power into action. Headquartered in Augsburg, Germany, RENK Group operates 11 production sites in Germany, the U.S.A., Canada, Indian, Switzerland, the U.K., France, and a network of 20 technical and maintenance services locations around the world. Our team is growing and has reached more than 3,300 members today. RENK has grown its business organically and by way of selective acquisitions to increase competitiveness and regional coverage and generated revenues of more than EUR 850 million in 2022.

Our Value

Reliable partner in key markets where staying power counts double. 

RENK is a leading supplier in the defense, marine and industry sector with superior mobility, propulsion and drive train solutions. Where performance and mobility means approaching physical limits and achieving survival. Our tradition is centered on precision-engineered systems for maximum impact, efficiency and endurance. RENK’s ambition is to support each and every one of its customers to exceed standards in harsh conditions and combat situations.

Our markets, technology and expertise have never been more relevant. We are a passionate contributor to the security of societies with democratic values with our mobility solutions for military vehicles. Furthermore we see ourselves as a driver in the energy transformation. Hydropower, carbon capture and the booming hydrogen industry are vital trends for our environment and we can and will contribute with our experience, portfolio and motivation to accelerate and drive this transformation.  

RENK’s products and services are consistently tailored to the needs of our customers. Absolute precision, commitment, and speed are the basic prerequisites for efficiency and the capacity to act, especially in sensitive business areas. 

This commitment to the highest quality standards is what sets apart each and every subsidiary and company in the RENK Group around the world. 

Quotation marks

RENK represents tradition, innovation and progress. We are constantly on the move, constantly innovating. Whether facing watershed moments in the defence sector, planned energy transitions or shifts towards sustainable solutions for a brighter future, RENK is continually developing itself and its technologies, always keeping an eye on the trends, evolutions and needs of the time. Our claim to be among the best remains - once regional, now global. We are proud of that.

Susanne Wiegand , CEO
Our Market Segments

Our markets - vital and growing. 

Our markets and expertise have never been more relevant. Whether it's safety, energy efficiency or emissions reduction: our solution and service experts are ready to help our customers meet their challenges.

Leading specialist in mobility solutions for land defence systems

RENK develops, produces and services high-performance mobility solutions for all types of tracked and wheeled vehicles. Our integrated gear units, final drives, suspension systems, couplings and hybrid drives compose the core mobility and propulsion systems of main battle tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and other armoured tracked vehicles for more than 30 armed forces. 

We are proud that RENK components drive the vast majority of military vehicles, operating in the EU, NATO and aligned countries. 

Superior marine propulsion technology

RENK is the gobal technology leader in propulsion solutions for naval and commercial vessels combining and harmonizing all available standard high-speed power sources – diesel, turbine, and any hybrid-electric combinations. Today, our marine gear units power vessels operated by more than 40 of the world’s navies. RENK’s tailored solutions excel based on efficiency and endurance, and especially in specific low-noise / low-vibration layouts.

Maximizing uptime, performance and sustainability of our customers

Our services and solutions are used in power generation plants to drive compressors, pumps, and generators, from hydropower plants to petrochemical plants, in raw materials processing, and in the steel processing industry. High-growth environmental markets such as hydrogen production and CCUS (carbon capture) also rely on high-performance compression equipment. Our robust and durable gearboxes, couplings and bearings are a perfect fit for these applications.

Over the past 20 years, RENK innovations have nearly doubled the efficiency of our gear units, enabling our customers to increase the profitability and energy efficiency of their plants. In this way, we support our customers in reducing their emissions and complying with legal requirements.

Ensuring safety and performance of vital applications

With RTS (RENK Test Systems) we provide test systems for the development, production and quality assurance of systems, products and components. Our customers are in the defense, aerospace, mobility and marine industries to whom we deliver turnkey solution or do in-house testing as a service. 


Heading for the Future

Pushing digitalization, international growth and sustainability.

In all sectors and in every market where we are present and identify growth potential, we commit to innovation and internationalization.

For the fast growing markets as H2 and CCUS we have already a perfect position and product portfolio and will support customers in managing the technology challenges in production and energy transportation.

With regard to our initiatives pushing sustainability at RENK itself, but also to support similar goals of our customers, we are actively driving electrification, hybrid drive and digitalization. Our goal is to increase the efficiency of plants and processes and thus reduce emissions effectively and sustainably. 

RENK Group

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