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RECOVAR®-E: a variable speed drive systems

RECOVAR®-E: a variable speed drive systems<br> 

RECOVAR®-E is a highly reliable, variable-speed gearbox with an energy recovery system and maximum efficiency across all operating points. A state-of-the-art system consisting of mechanical and electrical features that offers an ideal solution for both worlds.

  • Maximized uptime and process security to ensure sustainable operation
  • Broadest flexibility to support various process and industries
  • Highest Efficiency to increase profit and lower emissions
  • Smart design to simplify installation and servicing at point of operation

RECOVAR®-E stands for RENK ECOnomic VARiator but from an operator perspective it really means highest productivity in the in the oil and gas, chemical, hydrogen and many other process industries. 


  1. No center distance due to flush shafts
  2. Smallest system size by comparison
  3. Energy recovery
  4. DOL starting option
  5. Low moment of inertia
  6. Conservative API 613 toothing
  7. Large speed range
  8. Maintenance-friendly design
  9. Control system shutdown in main operating point
  10. High availability

Technical Data

Power:3–150 MW
Low speed shaft:< 1 800 rpm
High speed shaft:4 000–25 000 rpm

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