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RENK condition monitoring for highest uptime and factory output

RENK condition monitoring for highest uptime and factory output

Condition monitoring in plants helps to reduce costly downtime and increase operational efficiency. Basically by an early warning of potential problems that could lead to unplanned downtime and costly repairs.

  • Maximum availability through preventive measures to avoid unplanned downtime and longer repair times.
  • Optimized life cycle costs through intelligent spare parts and maintenance management
  • Maximum empowerment of field service staff and targeted use of them
RENK training and showing how to handle our products in action

Our condition monitoring components

With our modular approach we can support customers from the definition, implementing up to operation.

  1. Consult & Design of Condition Monitoring System
  2. RENK Vibration Monitoring (RVM) software solution
  3. Proactive Monitoring and Reporting Service
  4. Onsite and virtual trainings

Maximize asset uptime by avoiding unplanned and extended repair times

Condition monitoring helps identify potential problems before they become serious and costly, reducing risks and downtime. By using automated and remotely monitored systems, asset operators can identify potential maintenance problems in advance and use this information to plan maintenance activity and production capacity utilization. 

With these insights, they can plan the right maintenance activities in the most efficient way, minimizing downtime and maximizing production output.

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Our main goal is to help asset operators maximize the uptime of their equipment. With condition monitoring, we can avoid unplanned and extended repair times and thus reduce downtime and significantly increase the possible output.

Alexander Gehring, CTO RENK Group
01 ConSUlting & Design

Planning a solid system setup is the foundation for a functional condition monitoring.

Do you need a condition monitoring solution for your asset? We identify your requirements and develop an appropriate sensor concept tailored to your needs. Next, we place our sensor technology and set up the RVM, our own Condition Monitoring solution. After extensive functional tests, the system is put into operation at your site and fine-tuned after a few months in operation.

Our project approach
  1. Identification of customer's requirements and characteristics of the assets to be monitored
  2. Definition of the sensor concept
  3. Placement of sensors and cabling
  4. System testing during factory acceptance test
  5. Installation at customer site and factory acceptance test
  6. Precise adjustment of software after approximately 3 month
02 The RENK Vibration Monitor (RVM)

Flexible, smart and easy to use software for condition monitoring

Besides a proper setup of sensor arrays, the heart of a CM system is the software application. With years of experience in the field and also from our test stands, we have developed and offer the RENK Vibration Monitor (RVM).

With the RVM software solution various sensors in technology and numbers can be easily integrated. And with the proven intelligence, algorithms and data records a thorough analyze of the systems conditions is available. By this asset operators obtain actionable insights to schedule measures in an early phase.

Our proven RVM software makes condition monitoring as easy as it gets.

Highest flexibility via simple system integration, modularity, intelligence as an intuitive interface are key values for our customers.

03 Proactive Monitoring and Reporting Service

Our experts can closely monitor the behavior of your drive train.

Our engineers proactively monitor your drive train and assets for active prevention of damage by intervention in time. Based on their many years of experience with different systems, irregularities can be detected at the earliest possible stage and consequential damage can be avoided. They get immediately in contact with you in the event of anomalies. 

In addition we provide you with reports on the current health status of your system in a defined period of time. These reports outline recommendations of proper actions and maintenance work and gives a clear summary of your current machine condition.

Whether you transfer your data to RENK in an automated way or store it locally on your premises does not matter. Data can also be analyzed sequentially by the RENK vibration experts.

04 Onsite and virtual trainings

Broad training offer to support your operators to get the most out of condition monitoring abilities

RENK's training courses on condition monitoring and RVM will enable your employees to learn how RVM works, as well as to interpret data and use the software tools for troubleshooting in a targeted manner. In this way, your employees can gain access to OEM expertise of RENK and participate from it.

The trainings can take place at RENK or at your site and can be tailored to your needs. This ensures that your employees are ideally prepared for your system.


Get in touch with our Industry Solution Team and condition monitoring experts.

In case you would like to discuss the options to apply condition monitoring to your applications, contact our experts. 

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