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Horstman Track Tension

Horstman Track Tension systems provide passive and adaptive solutions that maintain the demanded tension level of the track, while influencing the total suspension stiffness.

Horstman Track Tension

Horstman’s Track Tension solutions improve power efficiency, vehicle manoeuvrability, pressure distribution in chassis components and track tension. 

  • Manual track tensioning
  • Under armour (remote) track tensioning
  • Active track tension

Our solution ensures optimal track tension for the ground conditions, minimizes crew fatigue and exposure to being outside the vehicle. Rugged systems proven in service include AS90 and K9 Howitzer, the Terrier engineer vehicle, US Ground Combat Vehicle, Tulpar IFV and a range of confidential prototypes.


A critical component improved over the current standard versions

Track tensioning systems are critical to the performance and durability of tracked vehicles. Therefore, these systems play a key role in maintaining the proper tension of the vehicle's tracks, which is essential for optimal maneuverability, power transfer, safety and overall vehicle effectiveness in a variety of terrains.

  • Extends track and running gear life by maintaining correct tension
  • Improves traction and fuel consumption
  • Remote or smart system allows for regular tension checks to be made and so ensures track is kept at optimal tension settings (as opposed to the current, set once and leave it)
  • Collapsible system allows for rare but extreme use cases where impact on the vehicle results in TT pressure spikes (makes the system more reliable)
  • Remote and active systems enable a much more accurate setting of track tension (pressure/data based, rather than “experience or feel” of the crew”)
  • Proven product – a number of Horstman references from light to heavy, prototype to production, manual to remote
  • Remote system does not require crew to exit the vehicle to adjust tension – keeps them inside the vehicle and safe
  • Allows for additional side armour to be used that would otherwise block access to a manual TT
  • Manual track tensioning requires heavy tools and for crew to be close to heavy running gear components. Remote system reduces this risk
  • All vehicles have a TT – Horstman collapsible is an improvement over the current standard tensioners
  • Horstman TT can upgrade from OEM version and fit into same space claim
  • TT can be upgraded to remote or smart system across vehicle lifespan, as a stand-alone Horstman product or integrated into OEM systems
  • Track tools
  • Idler wheel and rugged mount (crank)
application and references

For light to heavy weight tracked vehicles

Horstman's Track Tension systems are used in a variety of applications, with an emphasis on military and heavy-duty vehicles for improved performance and durability. Key applications include:

  • Main Battle Tanks: These tanks operate on the front lines, featuring high power and speed with rear sprocket drives and heavy tracks. High loads and frontal impacts necessitate a durable tensioner. Additional armor complicates access to the tensioner, making remote or under-armor systems crucial to reduce crew exposure and maintain optimal track tension.
  • Infantry Fighting Vehicles and Self-Propelled Howitzers: These typically use front sprocket drives with rear tensioners. Enhanced armor and the use of rubber banded tracks demand robust tensioners to handle increased track tension, with remote systems reducing crew exposure.
  • Engineering Vehicles: Stability is critical for tasks like mine clearance and recovery, requiring a balance in suspension and vehicle attitude. The capability to adjust tension dynamically or remotely enhances operational flexibility.
  • Future Combat Vehicles/UGVs: These advanced vehicles, potentially crewless, require smart or active tensioning systems that adjust based on automated inputs rather than human control.
  • Agricultural and Industrial Machinery: Used intensely for short periods or by non-technical personnel, these machines benefit from simple, manual tensioning systems suitable for various track types and applications.

These systems underscore Horstman's role in enhancing the operational capabilities of both military and civilian heavy-duty vehicles.

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