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Onboard power GRID Management

Ultra-precise regulation of all electrical energy on-board

  1. 01Lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions
  2. 02Increased safety and flexibility
  3. 03Space saving and easy installation
Ultra-precise regulation of all electrical energy on-board

Smart design and functionality for your marine power grid

Our patented product E-PP is an electric, integrated diesel electric network and propulsion solution, which combines power generation, -distribution, -conversion as well as power supply for all consumers of the ship's network in one single system: technically and economically more efficient than any traditional DE (Diesel Electric) system.

In principle, this technology is suitable for all electric power supply and propulsion systems, particularly for those with strongly fluctuating load-profiles.


The E-PP solution are already in operation in more than 60 ships. The top 3 customer values of this system are:

  1. Lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions
  2. Increased safety and flexibility
  3. Space saving and easy installation
01 Lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions

Less fuel and therefore less emissions

Due to the E-PP the combustion engines for the generators can be operated at their best possible level of efficiency, according to the power requirement – at any time and at any speed.

As a results a significantly lower fuel consumption is achieved compared to conventional diesel-electric propulsion systems. And thus the reduction of CO2 and NOx emission is achieved, contributing to EEXI / EEDI goals. 

  • Load dependent and fuel optimized power generation in real time
  • Engines of generator sets are running in their most efficient speed range
  • Increased efficiency for different operational profiles with variable speed drives
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At any given moment the ship’s energy needs are automatically calculated and the diesel engines produce and supply only as much energy as needed. This allows the ship to use 20% less energy than a comparable ship. 

Th. Bogler, Viking River Cruises 
02 Increased Safety And Flexibility

Safe, reliable and more flexible than conventional system

The E-PP can be activated quicker than a conventional system: The generators can take over the load within just a few seconds, as synchronization is not needed. A clear advantage in terms of safety during onboard operation, particularly with fluctuating loads.

In addition the E-PP offers a high flexibility in terms of electrical power generation: From diesel, gas, LNG and/or shaft generators to battery systems.

Thanks to the overall concept, the systems ensures excellent maneuvering of the vessel. Furthermore have load variations and reverse power of drives and large consumers  practically no influence on the ship´s networks.

03 Space Saving And Easy installation

More space and time for your products

The E-PP is designed to be a decentralized system, with space requirements reduced by fewer and smaller components compared to traditionaldiesel-electric propulsion systems. 

The E-PP combines the main inverters of the electrical power generation systems and large consumers such as marine propulsion systems or the ship's bordnet in an optimized and integrated DC switchboard system. Due to the concept of the DC energy bus various components such as transformers, entire control cabinet sections and / or automation systems can be completely avoided or at least significantly reduced. The advantage of the E-PP is not only the reduced space requirement but also the reduced effort for integration engineering and the reduced costs for cabling and installation inside and outside the E-PP.

Our E-PP

Benefits of the E-PP at a glance

All the sub systems are controlled and monitored independently by PLC , at the same time they are integrated together by the E-PP power management systems.  

Benefits of the E-PP at a glance

  • Significantly lower fuel consumption compared to conventional diesel-electric propulsion systems
  • Reduced CO2 – and NOx emissions
  • Big space and weight advantage
  • Minimized noise and vibration
  • High flexibility in terms of electrical power generation
  • Less setup time due to modular components with simple installation
  • Tried, tested and running in >60 vessels
Our e-pp

The components of our E-PP solutions

  • Power supply from one or more generator systems via IGBT converters on the connecting DC link
  • AC consumers supplied via converters
  • Extended DC link, which connects all converters on the DC side
  • Converter protection system
  • DC coupling system
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Marine Solutions Team

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