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Drivetrain test rigs

  1. 01High flexibility 
  2. 02Numerous extension packages 
  3. 03Easily adaptable
Drivetrain test rigs

Our technologies for your demands

There have never been so many different versions of the drivetrain in vehicle construction. Front- or rear-axle drives, all-wheel drives with 4 or more drive wheels, and all this combined with a wide variety of engine concepts such as the classic combustion engine, gas, hydrogen, electric drives or mixed hybrid concepts.

The design possibilities of RENK test rigs for drivetrains are just as numerous. The following assemblies are available, for example:

Basic system:

  • RDDS automation system
  • Different power units as per customer requirements, consisting of the AC motor, matching gearbox, speed/torque measurement and mounting frame (motor/generator)
  • Control cabinet
  • Power and signal cabling


  • Lift and swivel mounting frame for power units
  • Mounting frame for test pieces
  • Couplings, adapters
  • Additional load application units
  • Test-piece conditioning
  • Special measurement technology
  • Test-piece measuring box
  • Feed and regenerative transformer
  • Sound insulation (power units/overall system)
  • Floor plate, vibration-isolated foundation
  • Parallel test operation of two test setups
  • Integration of MATLAB/Simulinkmodels

Efficient test sequences and evaluations, networking of test results with the tool chain in the vehicle development process (simulation, xIL) – and high flexibility in terms of different drive concepts with the associated media supply.

01 High flexibility 

High flexibility with standard modules

The product family of RENK drivetrain test rigs provides a range of drive systems that allow a vast range of test rig configurations to be implemented quickly and cost-effectively.

The compact power units can be combined in any number of ways to suit the respective testing tasks. To extend the testing possibilities, an existing test system can also be expanded at a later date by adding additional power units.

02 Numerous extension packages 

Numerous extension packages for all testing requrements

RTS offers numerous expansion packages for drive technology, specimen support, measurement technology or building infrastructure for the powertrain test benches. Tailored precisely to the test task and can also be retrofitted at a later date if requirements change.

03 Easily adaptable

Easily adaptable in case of necessary changes of the test program or test item

Due to a wide variety of powertrain types, powertrain test stands must also be highly flexible.  The adaptation of new test items or the modification of test programs can be carried out by the operators of our test stands themselves. For further adaptations, our experienced service team is at your disposal.


  • High flexible test rigs for powertrain components and entire drivetrains
  • Various extension packages available
  • Can also be expanded at a later date
  • State-of-the-art drive technology
  • RENK RDDS test bench automation and data acquisition
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