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ELCO type –torsionally resilient coupling

ELCO type –torsionally resilient coupling

The torsionally resilient ELCO coupling is responsible for effectively dampening the shocks and vibrations that occur in drive systems during operation. It also permits limited radial and angular misalignments of the shafts being connected and absorbs longitudinal displacements.

The installation of a correctly designed ELCO coupling guarantees the safe transmission of forces and offers extensive protection of the connected machine shafts against vibration damage. The ELCO coupling has a proven track record in tens of thousands of drive systems thanks to its adaptable construction and high-quality design.


  1. Reduction of torque and speed shocks
  2. Reduction of torsional vibrations
  3. Failsafe, consistent transmission of torques
  4. Compensation of angular and radial misalignments
  5. Compensation of longitudinal displacements
  6. Easy axial removal of the profile sleeves and bolts without offset of the aggregate

Technical Data

Shaft diameter:10 to 500 mm
Coupling torque:18 to 540,000 Nm
Construction:Standard construction with Single-side or alternating-side transmission elements, special construction
Coupling material:Steel or special material
Sleeve material:Modified natural rubber, chloroprene polymerisate or nitrile rubber

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