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KAZ propeller shaft disconnecting device

KAZ propeller shaft disconnecting device

RENK clutches of the KAZ type guarantee the safety-critical functionality of an electric PTH (power take home) drive system for conventionally powered ships with a diesel, gas, or electric motor. In the event of damage to the machine, the KAZ can disengage the main machine from the rest of the shaft system. The electric engine, which otherwise serves as a generator (power take out) or booster (power take in), then assumes the function of maneuvering the ship, enabling the vessel and its crew to reach the next secure harbor.

The KAZ clutch works in an opened state as a combined supporting and axial bearing. The propeller thrust is conducted into the stationary thrust bearing of the motor. In the closed state, the KAZ rotates without friction or wear as a rigid component of the shaft system. The KAZ can also be used in vessels with two independent main propulsion systems. In this case, the KAZ prevents a defective drive from rotating with the rest of the system as the result of the propeller being towed through the water, thereby enabling a free “wind milling” with reduced resistance.


  1. Low complexity of components with compact construction and low weight
  2. Can be opened extremely quickly by the ship’s crew
  3. Self-lubricating operation despite highly inclined positions
  4. Noise and vibrations during operation are generally low

Technical Data

Size:28 to 71
Clutch torque:220 to 4,500 kNm
Cooling system:Natural cooling

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