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PSC propeller shaft clutch 

PSC propeller shaft clutch 

RENK marine couplings for commercial vessels with two-stroke engines are generally recognized as a mark of quality in the field of maritime propulsion technology. They have a proven track record over many decades and set standards for sea transport safety.

RENK couplings guarantee maximum reliability and efficiency in all operating modes. If you want to ensure that you can continually boost your levels of performance and respond to ever increasing challenges, the solution is simple: RENK


  1. Simple operation of the coupling: Hydraulic switching
  2. No additional loads for axial bearings and foundation of the main engine due to switching forces
  3. Reliable transmission of the torque due to zero-backlash toothing
  4. Positive, backlash-free transmission of the torque due to case-hardened, ground, and slightly conical tooth
  5. Efficiency for vessels with twin-screw propulsion systems
  6. Safety for vessels with single-screw propulsion systems
  7. Flexibility for propulsion and on-board power
  8. Semi- or fully-automatic engagement/disengagement available

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